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Date d'inscription : 24/04/2012
Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, started year-round preparations for its 700th anniversary in 2023. The countdown till the grand birthday includes cultural, art, educational events, and a beloved Light Show.
LYFtvNews En : Vilnius Capital Starts Countdown Till 700th Anniversary ! VcsPRAsset_3686786_331853_7c4f6e65-7145-4456-85a8-a89553531f02_0
Lighting ceremony with Vilnius Mayor. Photo by Olga Posaskova
January 25, 2022. On January 25th Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, started the official countdown till its 700th anniversary in 2023. As the historical birthday has also been included in UNESCO’s 67 most noteworthy anniversaries of 2022-2023, the preparations for the grand date are set to take all year round and will include a number of cultural, educational, art events, and many more.
The countdown till the historical anniversary took off by lighting a specifically-designed clock—a symbolic installation, towering at seven meters in the city center, the Cathedral Square. The clock was launched by Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius, and an exclusive clock guardian—a 4.5-meter-tall light man, during the Light Festival and hot-air balloon, music and lights show. It will be reminding the guests and the residents of the city how many days are left till the grand anniversary and many of the birthday-related events in 2023.
“Although Vilnius will be 700 years old, both the city and its residents are the true embodiment of a youthful curiosity, ingenuity, determination, and passion,” Šimašius said. “2023 will be a special year for Vilnius, therefore we invite everyone from all around the globe to come to our city, join us in celebrations, and experience the magic themselves.”
The official history of Vilnius began in 1323 when Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, mentioned the city for the first time in one of his letters, dated January 25th, to foreign merchants and craftsmen. The 700th anniversary in 2023 will present opportunities to highlight the colorful history of Vilnius, strengthen the ties with the city residents and guests, and boost the global recognition of the capital.
Among the shows, organized for the anniversary in 2023, will be a movie about Vilnius, a performance festival, the AI-driven reconstruction of the first opera performed in Vilnius in the 17th century, and other large-scale events by modern art museum “MO,” the National Museum of Lithuania, and other organizers. The main next year’s celebrations will be held on January 25th, the day of the anniversary, and July 25th, when Vilnius becomes an international music arena.
Pre-anniversary celebrations started with the 699th birthday
The 699th birthday kicked off the year-round preparations with the crowd-favorite annual Vilnius Light Festival, to be held January 25th-29th.  It was first organized to celebrate Vilnius’ birthday in 2019 and now typically attracts over 200K of spectators each year. The Light Festival has illuminated the city streets, parks, and squares with 22 installations by artists from Lithuania, Australia, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, and France.
The launch of the countdown was accompanied by the hot air balloon show, music and lights show “700-Year Legend of Vilnius,” where the balloons took advantage of fire, color, and music to tell the story of the city. The show was also held on the ground to allow the spectators to admire the visual and acoustic performance.
In light of the ongoing global pandemic, all pre-anniversary events, including the 699th  birthday celebrations, are organized according to all safety requirements. The guests and residents of Vilnius are also asked to maintain safe distances and take the necessary safety precautions.
Go Vilnius is the official tourism and business development agency of the City of Vilnius. The agency provides visitors, investors, and businesses with all the essential information about the Lithuanian capital.
Throughout 2022-2023 Vilnius will be having a number of city-wide cultural, educational, and art events to celebrate its 700th anniversary in 2023. In 1323 Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, mentioned the city for the very first time in his letters to foreign merchants and craftsmen, and the date, January 25th,  has been attributed to the official origins of Vilnius as a city. The 700th anniversary next year will highlight the colorful history of the capital, strengthen the ties with the city residents and guests, and boost the global recognition of Vilnius.
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