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Date d'inscription : 09/10/2017
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I want to share something to my fellow fashion-lovers! As I’m planning on traveling to Paris soon, I wanted to do a bit of research before I booked anything like flights, hotels, and even restaurants. A google search led to me to discover INSIDR. I loved how a lot of their recommendations came from locals! They mostly share about traveling in places like Paris, Amsterdam, and London but I was pleasantly surprised when I also got a lot of useful tips on shopping in Paris.
A local travel guide to Paris ! Paris_10
One tidbit of knowledge i learned from their website  is, the government regulates sales which resulted into having 2 major sales periods in Paris, particularly. So for people who are planning on going to Paris to shop til they drop, I suggest going either in January or July. I wouldn’t have known this if it weren’t for the useful articles INSIDR wrote about shopping in Paris. This article also helped me book my stay at Hotel Chavanel which is a stylish boutique hotel just near Opera! Its in in the 8th arrondissement because it’s quite central and it’s near all the big shopping places like Galeries Lafayette and rue Saint-Honoré.
A local travel guide to Paris ! Paris_13
Another article from the same website, helped me discovered some homegrown Parisian shoe brands! I’ve always envied the style of Parisian women. I love how they value comfort and style at the same level. Brands like Jonak, Bocage, and Mellow Yellow seem to offer both. Now I really can’t wait to go on my trip!
In my opinion, one of the best parts of going on a trip is being able to bring a bit of the place home through a souvenir but I hate settling for a tacky keychain.Luckily, buying authentic souvenirs is made easy by INSIDR! Through them I learned that there are these “bouquinistes” by the Seine river who sell vintage books and postcards. 
A local travel guide to Paris ! Parisb10
That sounds like some great memorabilia to remember Paris by! But I’m also a HUGE foodie so I’m more interested in the edible variety of souvenirs like macarons from Pierre Herme or basically anything I can find at Lafayette Gourmet! So I guess I’m skipping the Eiffel Tower key holders next time… through INSIDR I found out how much of a 1-stop shopping spot Galeries Lafayette really is! Apparently, they sell everything from clothes to food! I was grateful to find out how great Galerie Lafayette’s gourmet selections are and that they actually have cooking classes! I used to think it was just a place for shopping luxury goods.
 A local travel guide to Paris ! Paris_11
Galerie Lafayette’s gourmet selections are not the only foodie secret INSIDR shares! A lot of you know how much I love hunting down the best cafes, restaurants, and the latest food trends. It’s really no secret that I’m a big foodie. So when I read the articles INSIDR published about the best macarons, creperies and croissants in Paris, I nearly booked myself a flight! I also loved how they put out a list of Paris’ coolest hidden cocktail bars,best outdoor food markets, and even where to eat gluten free food because those are the kinds of places only locals would know about.
If you still need another reason to visit paris, let me ask you this: do you know what Paris and Las Vegas have in common? It’s the range and number of shows they have!I recently read an article from INSIDR that gives a rundown of the best Shows in Paris. I didn’t realize how many different kinds of shows there are in the city!  To be honest, when I think of Paris, I think of delicious croissants, museums, and people-watching outside cafes. Being in Paris for live entertainment was something a bit outside of my expectations.
A local travel guide to Paris ! Paris_12
But thanks to INSIDR’s guide to the best shows in the city, I discovered so many interesting shows!  From cabaret shows at the Moulin Rouge to comedy shows in English, it seems like there’s truly something for everyone. I love a good comedy so one show I definitely want to see is Olivier Giraud’s How to be Parisian in 1 hour . I also am intrigued by the Moulin Rouge! Plus it’s in the Monmartre area which I love so I’m seriously considering that too.
A local travel guide to Paris ! Paris_14
 It was also cool to read about some of the amazing venues that the city has. I like how the article not only introduced some of the best shows in the city but they also included the surrounding restaurants and bars. You should definitely check out their guide if you’re planning a trip to Paris soon!
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