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Date d'inscription : 09/10/2017
In fact, Italy has the highest percentage of travellers in Europe, 88%, who during 2023 intend to increase the number of trips, compared with previous years. This is one of the findings of the third edition of the EY Future Travel Behaviours Observatory, which analyses travel trends and the drivers behind the choices made by Italians and Europeans.
The study also highlights the key factors that influence travel decisions: top of the list are cost, environmental impact and personalised experiences. Given this, it is not surprising that the train is the preferred means of transport in Italy: sustainable in environmental and financial terms, and perfect for an eco-friendly tourist experience. Looking at the age groups, Generation Z travels at above-average rates and is particularly concerned with sustainability. This focus leads young travellers to choose the train, a solution that cuts carbon emissions with respect to flying or driving. And thanks to operators' special offers, the train is also cost-effective.
Trenitalia and offers for young people
Trenitalia, the leading passenger train operator in Italy, has a host of offers for its youngest users. These include the “Young” offer, with reductions of up to 70% on Frecciabianca, Intercity and Intercity night trains. To qualify, travellers must be below 30 years of age and signed up to the CartaFreccia loyalty program, where users collect points when they buy Freccia, Eurocity or Euronight tickets, or to the new X-Go program for Trenitalia users travelling with Regional and Intercity trains, whose points can be converted into cash-back for future trips.
Another promotion for the under-30 age group is the FrecciaYoung offer, with Frecciarossa and Frecciargento tickets at €19 or €29, depending on the line. The offer is valid for CartaFRECCIA members under 30, on standard- or second-class tickets. Another low-cost offer is the Carta Verde, or green card. For €40 a year, youngsters aged between 12 and 26 are entitled to a 10% reduction on any type of basic first- or second-class ticket. This also includes couchettes and sleeping berths. Meanwhile, students with a Carta dello Studente - IoStudio student card from the Italian Ministry of Education can buy first- or second-class tickets with a 20% reduction on Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca, Intercity and Intercity night trains. Then there is the ever-popular Interrail scheme for backpackers travelling across Europe. A single pass to visit a range of countries, with special discounts for young passengers.
All solutions can be booked and purchased directly online: as the EY study found, youngsters expect “one click” digital experiences when making a booking, as well as continuous connectivity while travelling.
Italy by train with the True Italian Experience digital hub
Digital and tourism are two increasingly interconnected worlds: digital services are essential in this sector, which is the thinking behind the True Italian Experience project for exclusive and original travel experiences designed as opportunities to discover the true essence of Italy.
Experiences tailored to the passions and requirements of every traveller, with a focus on respect for the principles of sustainability and social responsibility. Because safeguarding and honouring traditions and territories, and encouraging an eco-friendly form of tourism is one of the objectives of the True Italian Experience digital hub. Tourism made possible by the services offered by Trenitalia, the main partner of True Italian Experience, whose nationwide network enables users to reach less well-known areas of the country and to travel comfortably and quickly around Italy, thanks to the speed of its Frecciarossa trains.
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